Welcome to Fort Lytton

Fort Lytton is Queensland’s foremost military exhibit, with extensive historic fortifications, a large museum collection of military equipment and memorabilia, and regular military re-enactments. Admission and guided tours are free on Sundays and most public holidays. It is a great day out for everyone, from families to serious historians.

Disappearing Gun Casemates Square 985x984

Casemates inside Fort Lytton

The fort defended Brisbane continuously from colonial times until after WW2. It consists of about a hectare of colonial buildings, tunnels and other structures embedded in a protective earth-mound wall, surrounded by a 10m-wide wet moat. There are also other fortifications, buildings and exhibits outside the fort.

The top photograph shows a re-enactment of colonial soldiers firing one of Fort Lytton’s original guns. Re-enactments of various types occur regularly at Fort Lytton. See Coming Events for more information.